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Des Rêves Pour l'Hiver


Antoine Parouty was born in 1977 in Brive.
As a teenager he practised theatre, photography and music.

In 1995 he co-wrote and played in Chaud Devant a short film shot in 16mm.
After passing his Baccalauréat, he spent several months alone in Africa, taking some photos, and shooting some 8 mm films. When he returned, he attended the cinema school in Brussels "Insas" specializing in Cinematography.

In 1998 he went back to Mali for the rain season and to shoot a documentary Une Cicatrice Derrière la Tête, produced by himself. The film is a return to places, a look on the African woman.

Then, he shot a short documentary portrait, Back From Cambrai, with the "Atelier des Jeunes Cinéastes" in Brussels.

He has been living in Paris since 2003, where he works as director of photography on documentaries and fiction films, with directors such as Patric Chiha, David Teboul, Rodolphe Olcèse, Sébastien Betbeder... At the same time, he presses on with his career as a director.

In 2004, he directed La Route des Hêtres, an intimist portrait of his great-uncle

He wrote Des rêves pour l'hiver a medium length fiction film, after having spent a year with a Hardcore band on tour and at their homes in the country side. The four young musicians play their own characters. The film was shot over two seasons with a technical crew of five persons.

"My films rooted in documentary tend to question memory, and to show the close links that human beings create between themselves and with places".


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